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Answers to all your frequent questions

We're based in Mumbai - which is where our office is. We're very very comfortable traveling for events, rest assured that should you commission us to cover your wedding and travel to you then you are hiring someone very experienced with travel for business. Travel is billed very simply - If airfare and hotel and rental car are needed, all you are responsible for is a direct reimbursement for the charges. In terms of local weddings ( Within city limit) We do not charge for traveling.
Oh! Yes We Do!! We're photography & videography company, and we choose to specialize in both to give you the very best of this specific art form. so that you can have a team that focuses on videography and photography!
The number of photographs taken depends on many things - the number of guests, hours of coverage, types of events, hours of dancing, and so forth. Our average for an eight hour day with a second photographer is 1200-1500 images, but those numbers may vary depending on the day itself. If you have questions about image quality, We'd love to hear more about your plans! This would help us provide you with a more detailed explanation and estimate.
We try to make the deliveries as quick as possible. Soft copies of wedding photos are shared in 2-3 days of the event. All pictures are shared in pen drive as well at the same time. Videos are released in 1-2 weeks of the wedding day. And if you have opted for albums, those are delivered in 2 weeks after the selection of pictures is done by you.
The raw, unedited files aren't available for viewing or download. This is very much like asking you caterer to give you the leftover ingredients used to make your dinner! The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect our very high standards and everything else isn't archived in the office. Please be rest assured that any images not delivered truly are outtakes! We do not cull to meet a certain number of delivered images, so every viable image is edited carefully and delivered.
Yes, We do! every image that you receive has been hand-edited. One at a time, without batching in bulk groups or mass-producing the results, our highly trained editing team also often selects a few favorites for special attention above and beyond the individual image editing.
A wedding album is one of the dearest possessions, and we are so excited to create wedding albums for our clients. They're tangible, beautiful record of the day your life began as a family. We know that life often gets in the way of creating these heirlooms, so we promise to make this process as easy as possible for you! Starting in 2014! We've begun designing client albums with topmost priority. We will include your album design after you've completed the selection of the pictures, once you've finalized your design. we take the next step of printing them.
With the fresh, modern books we design, the images are printed directly onto the pages, much like in a coffee-table book you'd buy at the bookstore. We strive to keep the designs clean and classic, creating a book that will be a heirloom for future generations. We do have a few options for upgrades to a matted album, should you like that more traditional style!
We generally start booking dates six months in advance, early booking are preferred for planning purposes. In any case, is best to check on our availability because it is possible that we are available even until a week before your wedding.
If our prices are out of your budget, we can figure out a smaller package that will work for you and us; negotiating is not something we do because we believe that skill and hard work needs to be valued. We request you to understand that because we do not compromise on the amount of effort we put in, we are in no position to compromise on the payment.
We will post our images online on social media sites and our website, and we may even submit these images for certain magazine articles and competitions. Rest assured, these images will not be used for commercial purposes, only for promoting our work. If you don���t want us to publish the images on our site, we charge an additional 25% of the total bill amount because we get more work only when we showcase our existing work. This is non-negotiable. If we were not able to do so, you, as a prospective client, would not have been able to find and hire us. It is only fair that all the other prospective clients are also able to see the good work that we do at your wedding.
Livolive Photo and Films. reserves the copyright of all images and videos. Clients will be given printing and usage rights. We deliver a set of both low-res and high-res versions of the images. The low-res versions are meant for online display and they���re watermarked with our logo. We request you to upload only watermarked images online and it would be nice if we are tagged along the way. The high-resolution images are not watermarked and can be used for printing purposes.
A Pre-wedding shoot can be a formal or an informal affair. Depending on what you want, we can give suggestions on outfits and locations so that we can achieve the look you desire. The reason why we suggest pre-wedding shoots to our clients is that it���s a really great way for the couple to get to know each other, for you to get to know us and vice versa. Also, it ensures that on your big day, since you���re already familiar with us, you don���t get camera-shy! It���s a win-win! On a final note, it is best to get this shoot done at least a month before your wedding day. We also offer Pre-Wedding Films and fun ���Save the Date��� Films.
We shoot right from the Bride and the Groom getting ready until all the wedding festivities are over. For example, in a wedding, this would include shots of Bridal make-up, jewelry, outfits, venue, decor, bride and groom getting ready, their portraits ��� individual and together, portraits of immediate family members, guests that actively participate in the wedding, all the ceremonies & rituals ��� creative close-ups and documentary wide angle shots. In addition to this, we will consider any particular shots that the client requests and we will try our best to get all those shots. In weddings, however, one must also consider situations that may be beyond control and coverage.
We suggest that you hire one team to cover both families. You are going to be a single family, after all. 🙂 If there are events happening at different locations, we can also split the team accordingly. Having multiple teams might get a bit crowded and add to the chaos instead of helping.